Sugar Industry is Second Largest Industry

Based on Agriculture

Provides Livelihood

of About 50 Million Sugarcane Farmers and Around 5 Lakh Direct Staff

120 Sugar Mills

93 from private sector, 24 cooperative and 3 state-run sugar mills.

120 Glorious Year of Sugar Industry


In an era where there is a need for inclusive growth, the sugar industry is amongst the few industries that have successfully contributed to the rural economy. It has done so by commercially utilizing the rural resources to meet the large domestic demand for sugar and by generating surplus energy to meet the increasing energy needs of India. In addition to this the industry has become the mainstay of the alcohol industry. The sector support over 50 million farmers and their families, and delivers value addition at the farm side. In general, sugarcane price account for approximately 70 percent of the ex-mills sugar price. The sectors also have a significant standing in the global sugar space.

Sugar industry is an important industry in the country. It provides livelihood of about 50 Million sugarcane farmers and around 5 Lakh workers directly associated with the sugar mills. Uttar Pradesh is the second state with the highest sugar mills. There are 120 sugar mills operating in 45 districts of Uttar Pradesh.

From 2000 to 2023 Uttar Pradesh witnessed a giant growth in sugar industries. In these 23 years UP sugar industry re-established Uttar Pradesh as Country’s largest sugar producer state. Sugar mills are spread across 45 districts and have been continuously working towards greater expansion of capacity and ownership. They have been catalysts of overall growth and have been instrumental in bringing prosperity.

UPSMA honoured the pioneer personalities of the sugar industry with ‘Lifetime Achievement Award’ for their excellence and significant contribution.

Who We Are

UPSMA was established in 1938 and has continued to serve the industry since then. Over 70% of Private Sector Sugar Mills are members of the Association. Members today have established Ultra Modern Sugar Complexes, comprising of Sugar Plant, Distillery (manufacturing Potable and Industrial Alcohol), Cogeneration, Fertilizer etc. Progressive companies have their own sugarcane farms, where advanced research in agricultural practices like developing high yielding variety, Tissue Culture etc. are being practiced.